Dear children,

we are all much more at home right now than we would perhaps like to be. You don’t go to daycare, you don’t go to school and in the afternoon you would certainly like to be at the playground, ride your bike or see your grandparents instead of just talking to them on the phone. If we cannot visit the people we miss, we can do something else: We can build roads so we can play, so we can go to all the people we miss. And while we’re at it, we can also take a trip to a place where we were last summer, or maybe even to countries we’ve never been to before.

Just because we have to stay at home doesn’t mean that we are no longer close to the people who live in our city, in our country and in all of Europe. From paper you can build the roads that connect us, that lead from Berlin to Amsterdam and from Warsaw to Rome. They remind us that everywhere we go there are people sitting in their living rooms, dreaming of other places.

Do you have a printer, some tape and your coloured pencils? Then get started!

Viva la Via - viva paper!

As you can see, there is still a lot of space left and right of the streets. Maybe you are painting the house you live in or the house of your best friend. In the zoo the animals are still missing and what kind of poster is probably stuck on the advertising pillar and what is being built on the construction site? There are already a few cities, more will be added in the next few weeks and more and more paper roads.

Have fun playing, Robbers and Busso

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